DEN – Denver International Airport’s Nursing Rooms

DEN now offers a comfortable, private place to go when nurture calls. Our three new nursing rooms are conveniently located post-security at the centre of each of DEN’s concourses, offering a tranquil environment to nurse or pump while travelling.


John Wayne Airport’s Nursing Mother’s Lounge

John Wayne Airport offers travelling mothers a Nursing Mother’s Lounge as a quiet private space to pump milk or nurse their babies. The lounge is located in Terminal B between Gates 11 and 12 featuring amenities that include comfortable seating, a sink, a changing table, adjustable lighting and artwork made up of Orange County student … Continue reading John Wayne Airport’s Nursing Mother’s Lounge

Ontario International Airport’s Nursing Rooms

The Nursing Rooms at ONT provide a private and secure space for a mother to pump or breastfeed. The rooms were constructed following the California Building Code and comply with federal and state ADA standards. Padded benches and an electrical outlet are provided in each room. The Nursing Rooms are not associated with a restroom … Continue reading Ontario International Airport’s Nursing Rooms